Making – Materiality – Knowledge

It might be a bit too early to start thinking about dissemination, but today a (fairly early) call to this conference landed in my inbox, maybe something to think about…

Making – an international conference on materiality and knowledge

The Making, Materiality and Knowledge conference aims to provide an outlet for international and interdisciplinary knowledge production within Making Disciplines/Making Professions/Making Education.

The active and creative aspect of the word Making is the centre focus, and the first key-concept of the conference. The making of something in something, a material, renders a focus on the physical and material aspects of making. Materiality is as such the second key-concept of the conference. The third key-concept of the conference, knowledge, emphasizes the need of understanding the making process as both a knowledge based and a knowledge generating process.

Organised by the nordic Research Network (Nordfo), this conference will take place in Notodden, Norway in September 2012, abstracts are due March 15th 2012.

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