As some of you may know, after doing a variety of workshops in the UK, we (Sarah Williamson, Lisa Gold and myself) took the Tactile Academia idea to the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference this October. We were accepted to do both a pre-conference workshop (Pop-up Tactile Academia – Developing Reflective Thinking through Visual Book-making) and a panel (Tactile Academia – Integrating Creative Practice into Teaching and Learning).

The idea was to allow the workshop participants to try out the idea of using collage, drawing and the concertina-book structure to keep their own notes of the conference, and thus experience the potential reflective book making has for themselves. We were also hoping that at least some of them would join us at the panel session to talk about their take on the ideas and processes explored.

I’m happy to report that both workshop and panel were well-received and that some lovely books were created during those few days. I will hopefully do a more detailed post in the next couple of days about all the other things I attended (and about how my own book progressed). Plus there will be more pictures from the workshop!

Here are the slides of the workshop: Pop Up Tactile Academia Canada Workshop Oct 2012

  1. Leila Hardman said:

    Thank you both so much for your inspirational workshops today. I now realise why I came to the L&T conference at Tremough (unpaid!). It was certainly because I needed something to refresh my practice (with dyslexic students). Analogy and the visual metaphor has always been present in my practice but I had not consciously sought to explore it in the context of approaching the task of academic writing. Now I can’t wait and a big part of me is wishing that I was back into the swamp tomorrow, perhaps with a postcard in my pocket, and a jellyfish! Appreciation.. Leila

    • alkegw said:

      hi Leila,
      thank you for your kind words! As this comment relates to a different event, I have ‘migrated’ it to the proper blog entry as well.

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