planning some layering

Yesterday Elizabeth, Sarah, Angela and myself had a little meeting to sort out final details of the Chester workshop next week (and yes, there still seem to be places available, if you are interested). It was a really good meeting, and there will be some interesting stuff going on!

Inspired by getting together and talking about different ways of layering, I went home to protoype a ‘tunnel book in a bag’. I had been thinking of ways to easily facilitate a layered approach in book making and was thinking that it could be fairly straight forward to use a paper bag as a ‘container’ with little concertinas at the sides so that content could be ‘slotted’ in. I had had the idea some time ago, but hadn’t done anything about it (like so many ideas…), so it was really good that the meeting made me actually try to put this into practice. I aim to make a little how-to handout for the workshop!

Called The Underwater Iceberg, this particular book looks not at layers of meaning, but the different layers that should go into researching an academic essay. Hopefully I will be able to finish this soon, and then I will post about it some more.

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  1. Beautiful bags ! Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone is going to the Object Power: the use of museum artefacts in creative object-based learning and teaching in HE, HEAworkshop next week in Bournemouth ? I am going, partly because I am engaged in a project with Shropshire Museums Service to make artworks inspired by museums, and partly because of TA stuff! I’d be pleased to meet up there? Last week I ran a 2 hour session with 20 ‘Young Curators’ at Shrewsbury Museum, aged from 12 – 24, using collage and book making to reflect on the nature of ‘juxtaposition in curation’ – the ‘making’ aspect of the workshop, which ran throughout, really helped to bridge this wide age range and engage everyone.

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