HEA Accreditation get-togethers… A2

Yes, we had a second meeting, but I haven’t had time to blog about it until now…

This time we were concentrating on the area of Activity 2 – Teach and/or support learning.

The examples that are listed in our portfolio suggestions are at Fellow level:

  • Teaching aid (e.g. visual aid, handout)
  • Explanation of a teaching activity used in a relevant setting
  • Evaluation of teaching/learning sessions
  • Your reflection on National Student Survey results for your area

and at Senior Fellow level

  • Evidence of providing mentoring or development opportunities for staff who are teaching or supporting learning
  • Your strategic response to National Student Survey results for your area.

At Associate and Fellow level, we felt that this was an easier activity to provide evidence for than A1 – as we are all teaching, and that it was great to have the option to explain a teaching activity if teaching aids were inappropriate to include (or would be needed to back up a handout). so people who are demonstrating or giving tutorials a lot could still find evidence for this area or activity.

We spent a bit longer taling about what evidence we could provide at Senior Fellow level. on reflection (and in discussion) we were able to come up with examples how the people interested in that level of fellowship do mentor other mentors of staff, whether that be through sessions as part of a PgC, workshops offered through staff development, contributing to conferences and unconferences, just helping out colleagues or indeed this blog.

Next session: Annotating the Evidence – how to show Core Knowledge and Professional Values (as this session is scheduled during the Easter break, there might be only a few people coming, but we might do another session later in the term)

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