Fishscale development

The Fishscale research project is making some headway.

After the meeting in Huddersfield, I have been thinking about how to change what I have to a resource that other people could use – and it is quite a weird feeling to look at your own teaching materials and think about somebody else using them. But I think I am in the process of coming up with something that would be useful for others!


Brainy Sea Creature

Geoff and myself also had a look around our undergraduate Final Degree show on its opening night, and came away with a little stack of possible Illustration/Graphic Design students to approach for taking on the illustration. And I am happy to report that we managed to get our number one choice on board – Josh Filhol, who as you can see has already started to get some ideas to paper (and I really love this brainy octopus, never would have occured to me!) – more of his work can be viewed here.

We also decided to (for now at least) focus on getting the illustrations right and then maybe later think about possible animation into a film.

Katy has agreed to focus on the research questions for now, so we should be able to design this project over the summer – ready for testing in September!

(As it has become clear that this is a bigger project, I am introducing a ‘Fishscale’ category to this blog, it is clearly beyond the tag stage…)

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