Playful University Monthly Meeting

I’m very excited to have been invited to be the guest speaker at this month’s Playful University Monthly Meeting on 17th September, starting at 12 (BST), to talk about my approach to teaching and Tactile Academia in general.

And the even better news is that this is open for free to anybody via zoom, so if you ever wanted to find out more about my work, all you need to do is sign up and log on. Expect some chat about making board games to disseminate research process and results, to get a closer look at some of the objects I have made as part of my tactile academia journey and to explore some of the everyday analogies from Writing Essays by Pictures – and beyond. Have paper and some pens (lots of colours are best!) ready to join in some simple drawing fun!

There might even be an exciting announcement regarding the future of the board game workshop…

For more details and to sign up, check the Eventbrite page for this event here:

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