Take a little button…

Take a little button... object-abstract

Take a little button… object-abstract

I was thinking about conventions of presenting research… and if it would be possible to submit an abstract in form of an object. Well, if we could, this would be my attempt at putting the abstract I put together with Pat for the Storyville HEA conference in Brighton into a three dimensional form.

  1. Sue said:

    Love the object ! Think I might have to submit my PhD as a bundle of screwed-up paper… have you seen the TED talk science PhD submitted as a dance ? Meanwhile…. HELP ! … can anyone suggest refs for stuff on whether different groups of people are more or less open to expressing feelings/ideas through creative means – not so much whether people have prior experience, but gender/class etc ? I have been trialling methods but mainly with adult women, who seem very open ? Thanks, Sue and a Happy New Year !

    • alkegw said:

      Hi Sue,
      maybe a bundle of screwed up paper is on the pessimistic side, although it probably would make a beautiful object!
      Thanks for the TED tip, I hadn’t seen it, but just searched and will write a post about it.
      Re your question, I am not awar of any research that has been done along those lines, although something to look at would probably be different learning styles as key words. My own experience is located in the art and design field, so one could say that people are predisposed to expression through creative means. I have. however, found that first year students often have a problem with this approach, as they seem to see it as not academic enough. This is probably just due to them having different expectations of Higher Education, i.e. they are expecting the ‘sage on the stage’ approach and are severely irritated if you ask them to do some thinking/making/doing for themselves to find things out…

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