quilting up-date

I have been doing some more work on the quilt – and have introduced a little more colour-coding…

quilt mock-up now with colour coding

quilt mock-up now with colour coding

I took it to my appraisal, and am happy to report that my line manager liked it (and the idea), although she pointed out that really I am talking about a patchwork… In one sense that may be true, but I will keep referring to this as a quilt, because even though this layer I am designing is a patchwork of sorts, the thing about the quilt is that it is thick, because it has that lovely layer inside. And this piece needs to be substantial, so once I am ready to join it to the subject specific side, there will be quilting contained to make it nice and warm.

But more than anything, I just really like ‘quilt’ as a word. It’s only one letter removed from ‘quill’, which could link it to the writing side of it. I feel the title of a paper coming on: “From quilt to quill, how a visual patchwork can organise and prepare reflective writing” – maybe not quite there yet…

P.S.: I also managed to find out that my university has a newly acquired textile/fabric printer, so making it doesn’t seem out of reach anymore (but let’s design it first). how exciting is that!

  1. suechallis said:

    Isn’t it a ‘patchwork quilt’ ? !

    • alkegw said:

      As far as I understand this is two different contexts: the patchwork is one layer that is put together from a number of pieces; the quilt is joining a number of layers (including a thick one in the middle) through a design of sewing through all the layers. So at the moment I am designing a patchwork, but with the end vision of joining it with more/other layers.

  2. Fiona English said:

    Now I see what you’re talking about with the quilt idea.

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