WiCP: Towards Academic Writing – Programme Preview

We have been working hard on the programme for the workshop on July 2nd – here’s a preview: (There are still some places left, if you are interested, send an email to tactileacademia[at]gmail.com)


(as this is going to be a very hands-on workshop, this might change slightly)


10:00 Registration and Refreshments (Make your Own Nametag icebreaker)

10:30 Welcome

10:40 Writing Creative Practice / Material Thinking: towards academic publication.

            (Introductory lecture: Nancy de Freitas)

11:40 Small group work part 1 – see ‘what to expect’ below.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Genre and Academic Writing

            (Alke Groppel-Wegener)

14:45 Small group work part 2 – see ‘what to expect’ below.

15:30 Refreshments

15:45 Reporting back – see ‘what to expect’ below.

16:30 Summarising – see ‘what to expect’ below.

17:00 end



What to expect


·         A lecture: to orient the session.


·         Handouts: will be circulated at the workshop.


·         Provocations: will be set for individual and small group work – tone of voice, audience, and shape.


·         Small group work part 1: writing plans – structure/schema; writing abstracts with clarity and keywords.


·         Small group work part 2: clarity of concept; image text intersections; concluding and making sense; fearless editing.


·         Collegial critique: for personal growth and improvement.


·         Role models: finding one.


·         Reviewer perspective: sitting on the other side.


·         Reporting back: group plenary discussion for sharing insights.


·         Summarising: feedback session to take stock of what we need to do better.





What to bring


1.             Bring your own laptop or iPad, etc. if possible.


2.             Bring one of the following:


·         An example of recent writing

·         A full draft of a research paper in progress

·         One completed draft of a previously published paper

·         A title/idea for a new piece of research writing – a potential paper you are thinking about.


Hope to see you there!

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